The Top 3 Beers for Fall Hangouts

beers for fall
September 19, 2022

Autumn and cooler weather are here, which means sports, good people, food, and of course, beer! Here are 3 tasty beers you can sip on this fall: 

Hi-Wire Bed of Brown 

A specialty malt that has light hops with a dark finish. A delicate beer with dark fruit flavors that is delicious until the last drop. 

Sycamore Beach Candy IPA 

Sycamore Beach Candy has the foundation of a traditional IPA but contains tropical hops and notes of citrus, berries, and candy. This easy-to-drink IPA is refreshing and brewed for good times! 

Goat Island Blood Orange 

This orange-to-pink beer is refreshing and delicious. It’s enhanced with an orange aroma and a citrusy taste. This beer is great to share with friends!  

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