The 3 Best Tequilas to Celebrate National Tequila Day

The 3 Best Tequilas to Celebrate National Tequila Day
July 18, 2022

July 24th marks National Tequila Day which means it’s time to celebrate your favorite spirit with some salt and lime! Here are 3 tequilas you must try this upcoming holiday: 

Curamia Blanco

Curamia Blanco was coined the “most beautiful tequila” for its fruity and floral taste with sweet warm notes of fresh agave, pineapple, and pear. This delicious tequila has a bright finish with subtle notes of salted japaleño and white pepper, making it perfect for sharing with friends! 


From the first sip, a sweet agave aroma emerges and provides notes of grapefruit, basil, mint, and anise. INSÓLITO Blanco is known for its unique, rich texture from being distilled at lower temperatures at the highest altitude in Mexico. 

Curamia Reposado 

Curamia Reposado is known for its golden hue. This tequila is balanced and refined with just the right amount of oak-like influence. With notes of vanilla, toasted coconut, and baked apple spices and tastes of herbaceous and lively notes of raw agave, it leaves you with a deliciously warm after-taste.

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