10 Essential Bottles of Bourbon

Blade And Bow Jim Bean Michter's Bourbon
March 2, 2016

We’re not the only ones who appreciate a fine glass of bourbon. In 2007, Congress officially declared September National Bourbon Heritage Month; eight years later, the allure of the South’s historic spirit is stronger than ever. As a last call for this toast-worthy month, we’ve enlisted American-whiskey expert Teddy Nixon the drinks manager at Charleston, South Carolina’s just-opened-yesterday bar, Mash – to help us craft a list of classic bottles that deserve a place on any well-stocked bar. Here are ten of his favorites from some of the South’s most established bourbon makers, including a few making comebacks. Cheers!

Below are Georgia Crown brands featured:


Michter’s US1 ($51)
“Michter’s is an old label that’s coming back. It’s small-batch and really, really solid.”


Blade and Bow ($54)
“This goes back to the old Stitzel-Weller distillery and is made from some of the last remaining whiskey stock. They use what’s called a “solera” aging process, which is usually reserved for things like sherry and scotch, in which the barrels are never fully emptied. As a result, in each bottle, you might find a 22-year-old bourbon blended together with a 6-year-old bourbon, which makes for something really smooth. The older oaky nuances mingle with the heat of the younger stuff.”


Beam Signature Quarter Cask ($48)
“It’s really fun to have products from Beam that you’re not familiar with. The Signature series includes a 12-year-old bourbon, as well as bourbons with some really cool finishes. I particularly like the one aged in quarter casks.”

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