Game Day Cocktail Recipes

Game Day Cocktail Recipes
January 28, 2021

It’s been a strange football season full of delayed games, sick players, and viewing parties from home - but that doesn’t mean we can’t celebrate the Big Game the right way! Whether you’re having a virtual watch party, a small party, or a party by yourself, you need these Game Day cocktail recipes. 

Bloody Mary Bar (with all the tailgating fixings)


Celery salt



2 oz Ruskova vodka

4 oz tomato juice

2 tsp horseradish

2 dashes hot sauce

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

Ground black pepper

Smoked paprika

Topping options:

This is your chance to go big or go home!

Green olives

Celery stalk

Mini grilled cheese


Chicken wing



Pur celery salt onto a small plate.

Rub a lemon or lime wedge along the lip of a pint glass or martini glass.

Roll the outer edge of the glass in celery salt until fully coated. Set aside.

Squeeze lemon and lime wedges into shaker and drop them in.

Add the rest of the ingredients and shake gently. 

Strain into your glass over ice.

Garnish with all the toppings! 



4 bottles of light beer

1 c orange juice

Orange slices


Fill a pint glass ¼ with orange juice. 

Top off with beer.

Garnish with orange slices. 

Sports Drinkarita


½ c blue sanding sugar

¼ c kosher salt

20-oz bottle of blue sports drink, chilled

1 c thawed frozen limeade concentrate

1 c Olmeca Altos Silver Tequila

⅓ c blue curacao

Orange slices


Mix sugar and salt in a shallow dish.

Wet rims of rocks glasses with water, lemon, or lime, and dip edges into sugar and salt mixture until well coated.

Combine sports drink, limeade, tequila, and blue curacao in large pitcher and stir.

Pour over ice.

Garnish with orange slice.

Team color Jell-O Shots


3 oz box Jell-O that matches your team’s color(s) (use clear Jell-O powder and food coloring if you cannot match your team’s color(s)).

1 ½ c water 

½ c Ruskova vodka


Heat 1 cup of water until boiling. 

Pour boiling water into a bowl with Jell-O powder.

Whisk until powder is completely dissolved.

Pour in ½ c cold water and whisk until combined.

Pour in vodka and whisk until blended.

Pour Jell-O mixture into plastic shot glasses.

Refrigerate until firm, about 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.

Beer Sangria


1 ½ c white grape juice

1 c Ruskova vodka

1 c seedless grapes, halved

1 red apple, sliced

1 orange, sliced

5 12-oz bottles of Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier, chilled


Combine all ingredients except beer in a pitcher.

Refrigerate for 1-8 hours.

Fill wine glasses halfway with grape juice mixture and fruit. 

Fill the rest of the glasses with beer.

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