Best Wines to Celebrate National Wine Day

national wine day
May 23, 2022

On May 25th, wine lovers from all over the world will gather to celebrate one of the best holidays of the year - National Wine Day. What are you planning on sipping? Here are a few of our favorite wines to celebrate with: 

Callia Pinot Grigio

The Callia Pinot Grigio is a soft blend with notes of peaches, tropical fruit, and a hint of jasmine, making it a youthful tasting white wine paired with a strong apricot and white flower aroma. 

Highlands 41 Chardonnay

The Highlands 41 Chardonnay is ripe with the aromas of guava, orange peel, and citrus with a touch of spicy oak to add complexity to the sip. This crisp chardonnay pairs well with fish or wild mushroom risotto! 

Saracina Sauvignon Blanc

The Saracina Sauvignon Blanc has a punch of juicy and sweet flavors, making you feel like you are in the midst of spring. This sauvignon blanc opens with a combination of oyster shell, wet stone, and lime notes that keeps the flavor fresh and light. 

Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec

The Trivento Golden Reserve Malbec is a vigorous red with violet tints and an aromatic profile that expresses intense raspberries and blackberries on the nose. This malbec is vibrant with a round structure and juicy finish. 

Velante Pinot Grigio 

The Velante Pinot Grigio is a little taste of Italy in a bottle! This pinot grigio has a subtle blend of apples, ripe pears, and peaches that pairs well with cheese boards and picnics. 

Want more wine ideas to celebrate National Wine Day with? Check out our blog.

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