4 Fruity UFO Beers to Enjoy on International Beer Day

4 Fruity UFO Beers to Enjoy on International Beer Day
July 28, 2022

Sip, sip, hooray, it’s International Beer Day! Celebrate the day outside with friends and these 4 fruity UFO beers: 

UFO Maine Blueberry

The UFO Maine Blueberry is brewed to perfection with real Maine blueberries, making this beer authentically delicious. Both satisfying and refreshing, this ale also has a sweet aroma with each sip. 

UFO Light Force

The UFO Light Force is a light beer with low calories yet full of flavor. With a smooth and crispy force and notes of citrus zest, this classic White Ale is quite the dream.

UFO Watermelon World

The UFO Watermelon World is the beer of the summer! Quenching your thirst, this satisfyingly juicy watermelon wheat beer is perfect for any outdoor occasion. 

UFO Georgia Peach 

Let’s get peachy! The UFO Georgia Peach is a hazy peach wheat beer that has a wave of fresh and juicy flavors that is extremely refreshing in the heat. With the perfect dash of tartness, this crisp and flavorful beer will make you love every sip.

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