3 Holiday Wines You Have to Try

holiday wines
December 5, 2022

The holidays have officially begun! Whether it’s Christmas or wrapping up the end of the year, it’s time to celebrate. Check out 3 wines to cheers with this season: 

Cigar Box Malbec 

Cigar Box Malbec mixes the passion for the winemaking process and dedication to the cigar-making process. The winemakers of the Malbec valley select the grapes from old vines to be hand-harvested, then the wine spent 12 months in charred French Oak Barrels. If you are looking for a deep, rich, and complex wine, then Cigar Box Malbec is a perfect choice. 

Alsace Gentil Hugel 

Alsace Gentil Hugel is aromatic and dry. With the first sip, notes of yellow plums, rose, quince, and citrus zests present themselves. As the palate unfolds, there is a delicate and graceful finish. This wine is great to toast with friends on New Year's Eve! 

Placido Chianti 

Made in Tuscany, this wine has a hint of violets and a dry, harmonious taste. Placido Chianti is delightful and pairs well with a variety of foods such as meats and pasta. This wine awaits your next holiday party with friends and family.

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