3 Beers to Enjoy at the Beach

3 beers at the beach
May 2, 2022

Nothing is better than having your feet in the water, toes in the sand, and an iced cold beer in your hand! Here are 3 beers to enjoy at the beach. 

Yazoo Gerst Amber Ale

The Yazoo Gerst Amber Ale is known to be a very “clean” beer, making it the perfect drink to sip on in the sun. Made up of German malts and a hint of flaked maize, you will be amazed by how refreshing it is!

Wild Heaven Sunburst IPA

The Wild Heaven Sunburst IPA is blended with juicy, tropical notes from modern hops and has a crisp, clean finish, screaming summer in a can! 

Sycamore Rainbow Dust IPA

The Sycamore Rainbow Dust IPA bursts with pure hops and various melon and berry flavors upon the first sip. This tropical IPA tastes like pure magic in a can, making it an ideal beach beer selection!

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